The Five Best Crystals to Protect Your House and Workplace

The Five Best Crystals to Protect Your House and Workplace - The Soft Cheek Jewelry

Modernism and digitalization expose us to damaging electromagnetic waves every day. These factors can impact our physical, emotional, and mental health even in our most intimate places, like our homes, where our energies and moods manifest in different ways.

For this reason, we need to use what nature offers us, and crystals can be the best choice to protect our house and workplace.

Here we bring you the five best crystals or gemstones to protect you from negative energies in your environment. However, keep in mind that these undesirable vibes can come from outsiders’ evil intentions, besides the unhealthy influences we receive from our modern, accelerated routines and the devices we use daily.  

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline gemstone

This powerful gemstone is the fastest healer and most effective protector. It comes mainly from crystallized granite around pegmatites formed in the Earth’s depths.

Use black Tourmaline to block psychic attacks and bad intentions. It also neutralizes harmful electromagnetic waves caused by modern electronics.

You can adorn the corner of your office or your house’s hall with a fancy Black Tourmaline ornament. You can likewise carry a small piece of Tourmaline in your pocket or as a piece of jewelry to repel bad influences.


Jasper gemstone

This gemstone is generous and kind because it is willing to absorb all the bad vibes for you. No wonder Persians and the Middle Eastern people loved to carve and show it off. They embellished their temples, houses, and institutions with Jasper to prevent demons or the jinn from entering the place and disturbing their peace of mind.

Today, we know and use Jasper for its noble and protective qualities. We can find it mostly in jewelry and use it close to the heart to heal negative emotions, such as depression. It is also employed in rituals to enhance prayers and attract good, loving vibes.

Jasper will make you feel more confident and courageous when making decisions and solving problems in the workplace.


Obsidian gemstone

Obsidian is a great protective stone that shields against physical and emotional negativity. It is a volcanic glass that comes from molten lava and cools down quickly. In ancient times, Obsidian was used to make plates, decorations, and blades for its resistance.

Energetically, it helps to avoid emotional blockages and promotes strength, compassion, and clarity of mind. Medically and physically, you can keep your Obsidian rock close during detoxification periods because it will ensure your body’s fast cleansing and recovery.

You know, lower and impure energies cannot affect a clean mind and body. So make sure you detox yourself constantly and let Obsidian be your best companion in those times.


bloodstone gemstone

This particular crystal is also a volcanic stone from hardened lava forming gas bubbles during the cooling process. In the past, Bloodstones were used as charms to protect youngsters.

With this gemstone, you can clean your private space energetically and use it to align and balance your main chakras.

If you think you are being bullied or physically and verbally abused, be sure Bloodstone will protect you from bad people and harmful circumstances, for it provides you courage and a strong mindset. It is also the best option when you need guidance, especially if you have auto-destructive thoughts.

Because it helps to purify your emotional body, it enhances your flow in life, which is the same as improving your blood circulation and creativity.

So, the next time you feel stressed and overwhelmed, make sure to keep a Bloodstone with you.   


Amethyst gemstone

Finally but not least, we have Amethyst as one of the most protective gemstones. We can use them as decorative pieces in our places and jewelry to carry wherever we go.

Besides getting rid of your negative thoughts, it promotes spiritual wisdom and mental sobriety. Amethyst will be your best ally when you need focus, harmony, and peace in your life.

Because of the various benefits it offers and for being known as a spiritually enhanced crystal, you might think protection is a secondary trait. Nevertheless, being the stone for transmutation is what makes it curative and protective.

Amethyst also absorbs harmful energies—whether they come from your thoughts or an external source—and transforms them into positive ones. That is why we use Amethyst to transmute sadness to joy, purify environments, and balance our body, mind, and soul.


Keep Your Protective Gemstone Close

Now that you know about these five powerful crystals and how you can use them for protection, you can rest assured that your house and workplace energies will be amplified. In addition, these gemstones will serve you to evade the negative feelings, intentions, and frequencies that are out there—or inside our minds and hearts.

Next time you want to purchase your favourite gemstone for personal protection, be aware of its authenticity and purity. So why not pick them from a trustworthy e-shop, like The Soft Cheek? With their certified authenticity, you can enhance your elegance with their unique jewelry and protect your vibes at the same time.  


By Sara El Halabi J.

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