These 10 Gemstones Will Boost Your Personal Power and Health

These 10 Gemstones Will Boost Your Personal Power and Health - The Soft Cheek Jewelry

Since the burst of the New Age in the 1960s, gemstones have acquired an especial buzz in the media. Although people have used gems for thousands of years, they became more interested in these crystals and stones after discovering their enigmatic healing powers.

Nowadays, science and spirituality go hand in hand when it comes to the study of gemstones. The purer these minerals and crystals, the higher their molecular vibrations and frequencies.

Let’s dive into some of these energetic crystals and know more about them.

1. Topaz, the communicative crystal 


This silicate mineral of aluminum and fluorine is found mainly colorless in nature. However, it is treated to adopt a variety of colors and tones, which depends on the level of impurities the crystal carries.

Since ancient times, Topaz has been considered a sun-filled gemstone because it was associated with tapas—a Sanskrit word that means fire. This is why Topaz tends to be yellow, orange, or red and is preferably set in gold jewelry to enhance its fire energy. Meanwhile, blue and white Topaz is best combined with silver to boost harmony and spiritual connection.

In India and Egypt, Topaz was used to increase good fortune, authority, and graciousness. It was the favourite gem of kings and emperors.

Today, healers use it to attract inner peace, self-esteem, and love. It improves memory, communication skills, and thought articulation.

It also reduces depression and worries and heals migraines, throat pain, and the thyroid gland, which is associated with the fifth chakra, or the throat chakra.

Topaz is the birthstone for November, along with Citrine, and is helpful for business and salespeople, writers, and speakers, who need to express themselves effectively.

2. Garnet, the intellectual crystal

As another silicate mineral and the birthstone for January, Garnet is found in diverse colors.

It is connected to the fire of life, creativity, and love. You can open your Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, and Heart Chakras by using or wearing Garnet: red, orange, yellow, and green, respectively.

It symbolises service, protection, friendship, intellectuality, and empowerment. Therefore, it is associated mainly with logic-thinking and good-hearted people.

3. Peridot, the heart stone

This gemstone comes from lava and generally in one color: olive-green. Sometimes, Peridot can be found in a yellowish-green, but it will depend on the amount of iron this magnesium-rich mineral contains.

Peridot is associated with the Heart Chakra, and it is all about compassion, love, wisdom, joy, and abundance. August-born fellows, rejoice because this is your birthstone!

If you need to find your calling, Peridot can be your guide. If you live in a conflictive relationship, this crystal will undoubtedly help you open your Heart Chakra and find the best solutions.

So, keep an eye out to find your perfect Peridot.

4. Spinel, the stone of security

Rich in magnesium and aluminum, this mineral has been dramatically used since ancient times. It comes in a variety of colors that ranges from intense to pastels, except in greens and yellows.

As Peridot, Spinel is the birthstone for August. Its revitalizing and optimistic energy is excellent to treat workaholics, for it releases stress and anxiety, relieves joint and muscle pain, and increases stamina. It also attracts inspiration.

Spinel also heals fertility problems by stimulating the Kundalini. If you need to feel more secured, grounded, and independent, you want to have a Spinel. For this reason, it is associated with the Root or Base chakra.

5. Smoky Quartz, the Druid crystal

This silicone dioxide crystal ranges in clarity from an opaque brownish-grey to an almost transparent grey.

This grounding and empowering quartz is the national gemstone of Scotland. The Druids cherished Smoky Quartz, and the Greeks associated it with their goddess of magic, Hecate.

It balances the energies and grounds you to the Earth Mother, for which it represents the Base Chakra. It connects you to a higher state of being and helps transition from a painful or traumatic experience to a more optimistic and soothing state of mind.

Whenever you need to let go of the past and challenging situations, the Smoky Quartz will be your perfect ally.

6. Citrine, the merchant’s stone

As one of the birthstones for November, this yellow gemstone’s tones range from orange to reddish.

Most of Citrine in the market is produced by heating Smoky Quartz and Amethyst.

It provides mental clarity and stimulates logical thinking and inspiration. Citrine symbolizes hospitality, happiness, and hope. It brings luck to businesses and trades, making it ideal to use or place in the workplace.

Healers use it to clean the body from toxins, boost the immune system and blood circulation, and treat depression.

7. Natural Zircon, Diamond’s twin

Zircon comes in an array of colors, though it is uncommon to find it in green. Blue Zircon is the most usual because it is heat-treated. Besides, this pure crystal is the best imitation or substitute for diamonds.

December is honored to have this bright and joyful crystal as its birthstone. It protects from harmful energies and radiations that come from our solar system.

Zircon also attracts wealth, joy, and love and enhances wisdom, self-esteem, confidence, and harmony.

Medically, it treats diabetes and heals the reproductive system from any illness.

8. Agate, the modest stone

This common quartz comes in many colors. Agates are primarily volcanic rocks and are sold as dyed stones because they are rich in mineral oxides.

Agate’s symmetry is so attractive that it reflects various tones and images as if they were landscapes and trees.

This modest stone has powerful abilities to transmute the negative into positive. It balances the mind, body, and soul. Keep an Agate where you meditate to help you focus.

It also heals anxiety and anger and improves relationships. Physically, it heals the digestive and urinary systems, strengthens the immune system and pancreatic function, and treats insomnia and skin disorders.

As the birthstone for September, besides Sapphire, Agate is associated with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, just like Amethyst. Each of its colors treats something in particular; for instance, green Agate has healing properties that balance the Yin and Yang and bring calm and harmony.

9. Amethyst, the transmuting, protective gemstone

This February birthstone is known as the gem of the New Age. Its violet tones range from reddish to greenish to intense purple. It is mainly found in South America and Africa.

Ancient Egyptians used Amethyst in protective amulets, while Greeks believed it encourages clarity and wisdom, for Amethyst means the “not drunk” stone. In Medieval times, it was considered the perfect gift for the loved one.

Many New Age followers believe this crystal has metaphysical properties. They use it to heal wounds and bring peace. Amethyst also opens the Third Eye and Crown Chakras.

However, it is not exclusive to the Pisces sign, for it works well with Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Sagittarius.

Among the benefits of Amethyst, we have:

  • Increases nobility
  • Provides spiritual awareness and physic ability
  • Transmutes sadness to joy and harmful energies to protective and positive ones
  • Balances the body, mind, and soul
  • Enhances communication
  • Improves concentration and meditation
  • Cleans environments and places energetically
  • Relieves stress
  • Heals hearing, skin, respiratory, and digestive disorders and relieves injuries

These tons of reasons make Amethyst the perfect magical stone to take everywhere you go.

10. Mystic Rainbow Quartz, the youngest gemstone


You read it; the Mystic Rainbow Quartz is the most-recently-used crystal. It was first incorporated in jewelry in 1998.

This beautiful gemstone is made from white quartz coated with a titanium film that mingles with the quartz’s molecules. This makes it super resistant to weathering, capturing a kaleidoscopic spectrum—almost every color of the rainbow at once!

Its properties are very similar to white quartz. It is considered uplifting and dispels negativity.

Ancient Hindus believed it opens the Crown Chakra and protects a person from evil. It assists the reach of higher consciousness and connects the mind and heart to the soul, making it perfect to use during astral journeying and meditations.

The Mystic Rainbow Quartz helps you be more productive at work, increases concentration and mental clarity, and encourages self-development, enlightenment, and peace.

You can find all of these gemstones and much more in unique jewelry pieces, from The Soft Cheek Jewelry. With their authenticity and certified crystals, you can wear them and get all the metaphysical benefits at one time.

 By Sara El Halabi J.


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