Unlock Your Power According to Your Birth Day with these 7 Gemstones

Unlock Your Power According to Your Birth Day with these Gemstones - The Soft Cheek Jewelry

Have you ever searched for what day of the week you were born in

Did you wonder what meaning or influence being born on a Tuesday or Saturday has?
If you believe your birthday carries more meaning than just a birthdate, you have asked yourself similar questions.
You want to acknowledge and fulfill your true mission. But for that, you need to realize your strengths and draw your path according to your power.
Most people don't know that their birth day is connected to their potential and mission in life. Here's another secret: each day has its own gemstone that will facilitate your quest!
Knowing the day of the week you were born and using the gemstone that belongs to it help you discover the areas in life where you can stand out.
Let's see what each day represents, the gemstones that belong to them, and how this helps you achieve more clarity in your destiny.
So, if you don't know on which day you were born, go back to your birthdate in the calendar and find out before we begin our journey!

Discover the power of your birth day!

Seven major sacred flames have supported our planet intelligently and lovingly since the beginning of time. They represent the power and compassion of the Divine Universal Energy, which gives life to everything.
Each sacred flame carries a set of Divine or Godly attributes, reflecting them upon a day in the week and bestowing them to those born on that day.
To understand this better, we invite you to discover the divine qualities that your birth day provides you with and the gemstone that belongs to you. Feel confident that you possess these attributes and dare to explore your unique gem, which will clarify the path you should take to fulfill your destiny.

The days of the week and their gemstones

Blue topaz gemstone collection with exclusive design
Sacred Flame: The Blue Flame

  •         Will power
  •         Protection
  •         Courage
  •         Faith
  •         Leadership
  •         Influence
  •         Control

Gemstones: Blue Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli, Tanzanite, Aquamarine, Blue Topaz, Blue Zircon. Learn more about their details here.  

Your POWER: As an innate leader and seeker of knowledge, you like to guide others in your area of expertise and influence them with your ideas. You aren't afraid to explore the Earth, and traveling is one of your favorite hobbies. You have great self-confidence and like to keep everything under control. Your immutable faith opens the doors for you.
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High quality gemstone ring with yellow citrine

Sacred Flame: The Golden Flame
  •         Wisdom
  •         Discernment
  •         Comprehension
  •         Intuition  
  •         Enlightenment
  •         Clear perception
  •         Intelligence
  •         Peace

Gemstones: Amber, Golden Topaz, Citrine, Yellow Sapphire, Yellow Tourmaline, Yellow Zircon, Yellow Garnet.   

Your POWER: You believe wisdom is one of the pillars to awaken our higher consciousness; the other one is love. You are brave and dominant. Debates turn your intelligence on, and you're always seeking the next great lesson in life. Intuitive as you are, your perception of situations and people is clear and assertive. You don't shy away from in-depth research.   


Elegant Purple Rhodolite Garnet Gemstone Ring, Sterling Silver and 14K Gold VERMEIL, Powerful Birthstone

 Sacred Flame: The Pink Flame
  •         Love
  •         Compassion
  •         Charity
  •         Forgiveness
  •         Gratitude
  •         Creativity
  •         Tolerance
  •         Joy
  •         Prosperity

Gemstones: Pink Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Pink Sapphire, Rhodochrosite, Nobel Opal.   

Your POWER: Because your main attributes are love and compassion, your mission is about assisting the poor and ill and inspiring others. You like to express yourself through art and beauty, and you always try to see the bright side of life. You carry joy wherever you go, and you love to make people happy. That's why your initial concern is the wellbeing of those around you.  


Flashing Natural Zircon Lady Ring in Sterling Silver, December Birthstone

Sacred Flame: The White Flame
  •         Purity
  •         Peace
  •         Fraternity
  •         Balance
  •         Integrity
  •         Hope
  •         Discipline
  •         Perfection
  •         Immortality
  •         Ascension

Gemstones: Moonstone, Pearl, Zircon, White Topaz, White Quartz, Limestone, White Agate, Magnesite, Opal.

Your POWER: Discipline, ethics, and morals come first in your life. For you, they are the foundation of peace and integrity. Your intuition also plays a vital role in your decision-making, although your emotions sometimes affect it. You also believe that balancing spirituality and religion is paramount to leading a harmonious life.


Green gemstone luxurous rings jewelry

Sacred Flame: The Green Flame
  •         Healing
  •         Love for Nature
  •         Consistency
  •         Abundance
  •         Happiness
  •         Mental clarity
  •         Visualization
  •         Science
  •         Divine Truth

Gemstones: Emerald, Agate, Turquoise, Amazonite, Peridot, Green Amethyst.   

Your POWER: You're the scientist and healer in life. Discovering and understanding mysteries boost your innate intelligence. You love to invent or create new systems, products, words, art, and anything where you can shine. Consistency and perseverance work to your advantage; you don't like to give up until you achieve your goal. Sometimes, your healing energy activates by just seeing a sick person, animal, or plant.


Sacred Flame: The Orange Flame


  •         Infinite Wisdom
  •         Service
  •         Devotion
  •         Life
  •         Peace
  •         Resurrection
  •         Divine Grace
  •         Virtue
  •         Passion
  •         Opulence

Gemstones: Amber, Red Garnet, Ruby, Sardonyx, Topaz, Fire Opal, Citrine, Carnelian, Jasper.

Your POWER: Your temperance, wisdom, and virtue make you an exceptional leader in any area you work. You prefer to delve deeper into something before judging it, and your love for life and peace makes you the perfect company. Friends can always find you there when they need you, and you attract good fortune wherever you go.


fine jewelry with natural amethyst birthstone in unique exclusive design

Sacred Flame: The Violet Flame
  •         Transmutation
  •         Liberation
  •         Compassion
  •         Forgiveness
  •         Mercy
  •         Freedom
  •         Victory
  •         Justice
  •         Alchemy

Gemstones: Amethyst, Alexandrite, Lapis Lazuli, Violet Garnet, Purple Jade, Labradorite, Lepidolite.

Your POWER: For you, almost everything is reversible in life. You can feel this power within you, and you practice it by transmuting negativity into positivity. Freedom allows you to express your ideas and opinions without restriction. Honest communication can lead to open and insightful discussions that you won't miss for sure. You can't tolerate injustice and inequality but believe in forgiveness and compassion.
To learn more about some of the gemstones, READ this blog post and find your one!

Practice Your Power with Your Gemstone

Now that you know the power that the sacred flame of your birth day grants you, it's time for you to practice it.
Be the protagonist of your life and access the infinite probabilities that this knowledge brings you.
Believe that you carry the power and resources to transmute your life into a harmonious and productive one. Fulfill your mission which your sacred flame unfolds for you.
Choose a gemstone that belongs to your birth day and resonates the most with you to gain more clarity. Use it. Wear it. Keep it near you: in your office, bedroom, kitchen, living room, car, or wherever you spend most of your time.
Nature supports us in many ways. It's your duty now to take advantage of this and walk your path.

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We're always here to bring you the purest gemstones and help you create memorable moments.
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Written by Sara El Halabi J. (Impetus Content)
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