Choose Your Birthstone by Your Birth Month to Highlight Your Qualities

Choose Your Birthstone by Your Birth Month to Highlight Your Qualities - The Soft Cheek Jewelry

The stars, the Earth, and everything in between aligns the day we are born.

You might think our date of birth has no further influence on our destinies and ways of being. Yet, this is far from the truth.

Our bodies are connected to Mother Earth. They represent her system in miniature, which allows us to take what we need to support our bodies while we’re alive.

And this isn’t about our physical bodies alone.

Do you see? Our true self is composed of a multi-energetic body, which has layers upon layers that shelter our soul. These are our mental, emotional, and physical bodies.

We know what our physical bodies need to grow, develop, and mature… in a few words to stay alive. Nonetheless, many still ignore that we need to nourish our mental and emotional bodies as well.

One way of doing this is by practicing spirituality, relaxing, meditating, and having a healthy amount of self-awareness and introspection, like taking life easy and seeing the positive side of everything.

There’s also another way to alleviate life’s burden and soothe the energies in and around us, and this is by using what Nature has developed for us: GEMSTONES!

If you’re wondering what these precious stones have to do with your birth date, read on.

Each person inherits a particular set of personality and mental/behavioral traits, depending on the month they’re born in. But we won’t dive into the explanation of the sun, moon, and planets’ position at that moment. Enough with saying that each month of the year has a unique aura transmitted to those born in it and that specific minerals resonate with the month’s energies.

If you feel this is true, we invite you to choose that gemstone that aligns with your personality and birth month.

Let’s begin!

January: Garnet

Raw Red Garnet natural gemstone

This gemstone’s dark red colour tells everything about the person who was born in January.

They have a vibrant soul because they want to start everything anew.

In the Middle Ages, people believed Garnet had the hope of a new beginning and purpose. This is why so many prefer to wear it to receive the New Year. Besides, it was named after the pomegranategranatum in Latinfor its resemblance to the fruit’s seeds.

Nobles used and wore it for victory and protection, especially on the battlefields, and to adorn their tiaras and crowns.

Also, it brings luck to those born in this month.

February: Amethyst

raw natural Amethyst gemstone

Don’t be sad if you’re born in such a dark and cold month. Often, these people have a strong spirit and carry beautiful energy to bring light forward. They are jubilant and sensitive, too.

Knowing how to take advantage of these traits will help you undergo any problematic situation in life.

This is why Amethyst resonates with your personality. It’s the gemstone for transmutation, awakening, serenity, stability, and hope.

Also known as the jewel of royals, this gemstone will keep you in good company while you work on elevating your skills and spiritual abilities.

And if you believe in the moon’s mystical and healing powers, you’ll know that keeping your Amethyst out under the moonlight is the best way to recharge it.

March: Aquamarine

raw natural Aquamarine gemstone

Although this gemstone doesn’t necessarily come from the sea, its sea-watery colour made it the favourite among sailors and mariners.

They believed it kept them safe and protected their ships against storms and aimless or dangerous voyages.

Those born in March are sharp, daring, and friendly, and Aquamarine enhances these qualities.

If you also want to increase amiability in a place, use this gemstone and see the magic happen.

But because March is still coping with the beginning of spring, it has some of February’s darkness and cold. Aquamarine will erase any negative vibrations, like anger and depression.

Instead, this precious stone will rescue and guide you if you’re on a spiritual path but worry about duality.

April: Diamond

raw natural Diamond  gemstone

Diamonds are known for their resilience and beauty, and the same goes for people born in April.

This gemstone represents strength, logic, and improvement. It also symbolizes new beginnings, just like Nature in spring.

April people are invincible, and they believe this! They’re also great analyzers and charming; for that, Diamonds provide them with mental clarity.

Diamonds bonds are a good representation of love, weddings, and engagements because this precious stone makes relationships more endurable. At least, that’s what many think.

May: Emerald

raw natural Emerald gemstone

Green represents new life, rebirth, and growth, and May is the perfect month, along with April, for this stage of life.

People born in May go for achievements and progress, and Emerald matches their visions and hopes for a brighter future. It provides them with happiness, protection, and love.

Did you know it’s also Venus’s gemstone?

Emeralds are associated with the power of precognition and communication. For this reason, they’re perfect for eloquent speakers.

June: Pearl

raw natural pearl

Just like Pearls, people born in June are unique. Serenity, elegance, charm, and purity are some of the reasons they love and need to wear this gemstone.

Pearls are associated with the moon and sea; therefore, they are powerful healers of sexual dysfunctions and enhancers of fertility. This is why brides are given Pearl jewels as presents on their wedding day.

This unique gemstone also helps find inner balance and self-worth.

If you can’t find Pearls, go for Moonstones. They have the same reputation.

June: Alexandrite

raw natural Alexandrite gemstone

Another June gemstone, Alexandrite, is known for its qualities of love, healing, and spiritual manifestations. It represents celebrations and new starts.

June people can rely on Alexandrite to attract their partners, heal their emotional wounds, and awaken spiritually sooner.

July: Ruby

raw natural Ruby gemstone

July is the king of summer, and so is the vibrant Ruby.

It’s the perfect representation of the sun’s power, which is also reflected in the energetic and joyful people born this month.

In the Middle Age, its holders believed this gemstone bestowed their wisdom, wealth, and health.

If you need love and passion in your life, then find yourself a Ruby. It also symbolizes youth and vigor.

August: Peridot

raw natural Peridot gemstone

If you’re born in August, you indeed love to be the center of attention.

You’re gleeful and high-spirited, and the yellowish-green Peridot goes well with your personality. It reminds you of the sparkling summer memories.

Peridot is resilient and can shield you from negative emotions, evil eyes, and low vibrations.

August: Sardonyx

raw natural Sardonyx gemstone

Another August birthstone is Sardonyx. It is also known for being the oldest August birthstone.

It promotes courage, happiness, and stability, enhances communication, and harmonizes relationships.

Do you consider yourself strong and brave? Then, this intense green gemstone is for you.

September: Sapphire

raw natural Sapphire  gemstone

If you are born in September, then brace yourself for some mystical powers.

Sapphire is known for being the holy stone, and it blesses and protects your loved ones from any harm.

It was used by priests and priestesses, not only by royals because it promotes chastity, purity, devotion, and repentance. Now we see what your passion in life is…

It also encourages high power, sharpness, and self-discipline.

You’re right if you think September people, like Sapphire, are so unique!

October: Opal

raw natural Opal gemstone

Opal’s connection with October-born people reflects their multifaceted personality, just like its colorful composition.

Since ancient India, this magnificent gemstone was compared to a cosmic play of comets, stars, and thunderstorms. The Greeks believed it promoted acute imagination, creativity, and clairvoyance for its holder, while Europeans saw it as a symbol of purity, truth, hope, and faithfulness.

October: Pink Tourmaline

raw natural Turmaline gemstone

Tourmaline is another October birthstone, especially the pink one, for it resonates with the loving and sensitive souls of those born in this month.

It represents compassion, gentleness, and insight, although many assure it provides its holders with courage and strength.

November: Citrine

raw natural Citrine gemstone

For people born in November, great magic fills their hearts.

These people are known for being loyal, calm, and good thinkers. They attract success in everything they do in life. So, the enigmatic fall-coloured Citrine is the perfect birthstone for them, bestowing them good luck, fortune, and serenity.

Like its acquaintance Topaz, another November birthstone that shares its qualities, both gemstones are associated with the sun and fire, giving life to Earth. They also promote beauty, sharpness, and focus to the November people.

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December: Tanzanite

raw natural Tanzanite gemstone

December represents the end of the year, but it’s also the fertile land where we plant the seed for the New Year.

Those born in this month are pleasant, understanding, and natural peacemakers. They need a powerful talisman, such as the Tanzantine, since it promotes harmonious relationships, improves communications, and offers protection against negative and low vibrations.

It also enhances spiritual awareness and relieves depression.

Tanzanite is known to be 1000 times rarer than Diamond. Its exotic and unique blue color blended with shades of violet makes it the favourite of celebrities and royals.

December: Turquoise

raw natural Turquoise gemstone

Another December birthstone, Turquoise, has been ancient civilizations’ favourite gemstone. They believed that having or wearing it could bring good fortune and health.

Because December-born people can be overwhelmed by everything they’ve gone through the year, wearing Turquoise will help them relieve that sad emotion.

December: Zircon

raw natural zircon gemstone

This is the third birthstone for the December people, especially the blue Zircon.

Ancient civilizations have compared it with a cold fire, mainly because of its striking resemblance to Diamonds.

Because it’s a powerful gemstone, Zircon protects from evil and attracts wealth and wisdom.


Now that you have a clear understanding of each birthstone and how they represent your personality traits and enhance your qualities, you must choose one that matches your birth month.

No matter how you’re feeling about yourself or life at some point, your birthstone will accompany you throughout your journey and provide you with the positivity and protection you need.

In The Soft Cheek Jewelry, we think about you because we want to help you bring your best qualities out into the world!

Visit our online shop and grab your gemstone ring that aligns with who you are and your birth month. More variety is coming our way. 


By Sara El Halabi J.

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